Gerry Chase Williams

I am an El Dorado County based clinical therapist, and was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area.


I completed my Masters in Counseling Psychology with the College of Notre Dame, Belmont, Ca in 1991 and have a diploma in Counseling Psychology.  Over the years I have developed a unique combination of interpersonal psychotherapies utilizing a brain-based attachment approach, some cognitive behavioral techniques, expressive art and play, and mind-body  stimulating strategies , which helps me to diagnose individuals in an elaborate manner.


In my 20 plus years of experience, I have worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life, which has provided me with a deep insight and practical view of the problems that people are facing in their contemporary times, with regard to their professional and /or personal lives.  Whether it is depression, anxiety, losses, regulation of mood. Sleep, and emotions, divorce, separations, academic problems, parent/child relationship problems,   or just any other stressors that affect your mental health negatively.


My approach towards counseling my clients is a combination of a medical route , environmental management, or just talk therapy, which collectively helps in bringing that much needed mental and physical balance.  Irrespective of what kind of psychological issues you are facing, I aim to revive my clients from their current positions in their lives and channeling their negative energy to its way out in a well coordinated  manner.  Relationship and calm are paramount in helping you infuse positivity in your life.


License No. and State: LMFT35711 California